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Revolutionizing Connectivity for Rural BFSI Providers



In the realm of rural BFSI ­Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance‑ providers, the absence of reliable and high-speed internet connectivity presents a significant challenge. Our client, a BFSI service provider, operates branches across Tier 3 and Tier 4 locations.

However, their service areas and remote operations suffered from a lack of robust connectivity, impeding their ability to meet customer demands and optimize revenue generation.


Two Types of Locations, Two Connectivity Problems.

Our client faced two-pronged connectivity issues. Firstly, there are areas that possess fiber connectivity but lack a reliable backup option. Here, extended outages often result in substantial business losses. The remote nature of these areas, coupled with financial constraints, limits the availability of reliable service providers.

Secondly, they serve locations through traditional VSAT ­Very Small Aperture Terminal‑systems with connectivity speeds as low as 128/512kbps. These outdated infrastructure options fail to meet the demands of today’s digital landscape, hindering the delivery of online services and compromising the user experience.


Broadband over Satellite
To address these connectivity challenges, they turned to our innovative solution: Broadband over Satellite ­(BoS). This gives them access to high-speed internet connectivity regardless of their location. BoS serves as a backup link for primary fiber connectivity, ensuring that high-speed bandwidth is readily available during fiber outages.This seamless transition allows for uninterrupted operations and eliminates the detrimental impact of downtime on the business.

Empowering Remote Branches, Enhancing Business Potential
BoS also revolutionizes connectivity for remote branches, bringing them into the digital mainstream. Through reliable and high-speed connectivity, previously underserved locations now have access to a wide range of applications, bolstering business potential and increasing employee productivity. This newfound connectivity has empowered our client to attract new customers, expand service offerings, and provide exceptional user experiences. The result is a substantial increase in revenues, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a stronger foothold in the competitive landscape of rural connectivity.

The Right Solution for Remote Enterprise Connectivity Challenges
This case study exemplifies the unparalleled advantages of our BoS Solution over traditional VSAT alternatives. The two critical takeaways for customers are its cost-effectiveness and fiber-like speeds. Our client has experienced firsthand the economic viability and seamless user experiences delivered by BoS, leading to revenue growth, improved customer satisfaction, and elevated competitiveness. As we continue to redefine connectivity in remote areas, we pave the way for rural BFSI providers to unlock their full revenue potential and thrive in the modern digital landscape.

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