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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CelerityX and how does it differ from traditional networking solutions?

CelerityX is a digitally enabled networking solution that sets itself apart from traditional providers. Unlike other service providers who restrict themselves to their own network, CelerityX leverages its own 300-city network and works extensively with over 10,000 local service providers across India to create a pervasive, high-uptime, and managed network. We offer a single interface for feasibility, service delivery visibility, assurance, and billing, allowing you to focus on business outcomes while we manage your network delivery. CelerityX is a digitally enabled networking solution that sets itself apart from traditional providers in several ways.

How does CelerityX ensure reliable and secure connectivity?

CelerityX ensures reliable and secure connectivity through proactive monitoring systems observable by our customers. Our network is constantly monitored for any potential issues, and our team of experts is always on call to quickly resolve any problems that may arise. We also have a robust network infrastructure that includes over 40,000 feet of on-street network, which helps to ensure rapid Mean time to restore (MTTR). This, coupled with our Broadband over satellite backup, ensures high network availability.

Can CelerityX be integrated with existing network infrastructure?

CelerityX is designed to integrate smoothly with your existing network infrastructure.Whether you have an established service provider or are looking to enhance your current network, our managed solutions work seamlessly to offer a uniform service experience, manageability, and observability.

What benefits can I expect by implementing CelerityX?

Implementing CelerityX brings a range of benefits, including enhanced network performance, increased reliability, improved security measures, simplified operations, seamless integration with existing infrastructure, access to cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer support. Elevate your networking capabilities with the transformative power of CelerityX.