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Contact Center and Offshore Delivery Center

Strengthen Customer Connections

High uptime connectivity, coupled with high-quality voice applications, forms the backbone of offshore delivery centers. CelerityX’s NetX ensures that your contact centers are online 24×7 through multiple WAN links, offering redundant connectivity. Coupled with our OneX solution, which prioritizes and intelligently routes critical applications, you can ensure a high-quality customer experience while optimizing delivery costs. Our HomeX solution ensures data security and privacy for agents in hybrid working environments, even over unstable home broadband networks.

Experience high-quality voice applications and reliable connectivity with CelerityX’s superior solutions

Staying connected is imperative to strengthen your customer relationships. Our suite of solutions ensures high-quality voice applications and reliable connectivity for your contact centers and offshore delivery centers.

CelerityX SKYX

Enabling reliable and geographically agnostic connectivity, ensuring continuous communication and data access, particularly in remote or offshore locations.

CelerityX OneX

Experience resilient and wide-reaching network coverage, ensuring uninterrupted communication, data transfer, and operational continuity across diverse locations.

CelerityX NetX

Facilitating agile and efficient network management, ensuring high-quality voice and data communications, seamless global connectivity, and enhanced reliability.

Take the next steps to revolutionize your networking infrastructure with CelerityX