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Why Choose NetX

As a business, staying connected is paramount in the tech-world, and downtime due to unreliable network connectivity is a hindrance you should refuse to accept. Introducing NetX – the revolutionary enterprise-grade network that liberates your business from the chains of unreliable connections.

Simplified Operations

Tired of dealing with multiple service providers? NetX empowers you with a single platform for streamlined procurement and management. No more hassles, just seamless connectivity!

Digitally Enabled Platform

Break free from the norm with cutting-edge technology. NetX offers API integration and GST reconciliation, fueling your efficiency and giving your competitors a run for their money.

Unmatched Speed, Reliability & Security

Tired of dealing with multiple service providers? NetX empowers you with a single platform for streamlined procurement and management. No more hassles, just seamless connectivity!

Pricing Transparency

No more hidden costs or confusing invoices. NetX rebels against complexity, offering straightforward pricing that keeps you in charge.

Unmatched Speed, Reliability & Security

Don’t let slow payments hold you back. NetX simplifies your financial experience with a rebel approach. Streamline payments with ease.

Transform Your Connectivity! Explore CelerityX’s Advanced Solutions from High-Speed Broadband to Secure SD-WAN

Broadband : Step into the future of internet connectivity with broadband services from NetX by CelerityX. Give your enterprise connectivity a strong boost. With benefits such as faster speeds, greater reliability, enhanced security, and scalability, experience high-speed broadband internet and increase productivity.

 ILL (Internet Leased Lines):This dedicated Ethernet leased line connection from NetX by CelerityX gives you better scalability, performance, and monitoring abilities with reliable connectivity. Internet Leased Lines are fast, cost-effective, secure, have low latency, and give you easy access to cloud computing. You get a connection with a reliable, high quality internet connection with guaranteed upload and download speed, uptime, and resilience.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching):Using a single infrastructure, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) from NetX by CelerityX will enable your business to build advanced intelligent networks that deliver a wide range of next-generation value-added services. With an easy and seamless integration with existing network infrastructure, MPLS is a game changer and enables the development of efficient, scalable, and secure networks.

OneX (SD-WAN): Harnessing the power of collaboration, we work together with our customers and partners, leveraging diverse perspectives for collective success.

P2P Link:Point-to-point networks enable direct, decentralized file sharing. Users can connect directly, bypassing central servers, thereby fostering privacy and resilience. Sectors that require a high degree of security, high bandwidth, and low latency are ideal embracers of the point-to-point networks. Embrace point-to-point links from NetX by CelerityX today for efficient, secure data exchange.

SkyX (Broadband Over Satellite):  Embracing agility and adaptability, we respond swiftly to evolving market dynamics and customer requirements, providing timely and relevant solutions.


Diverse Connectivity

Choose your path to connectivity greatness. NetX offers diverse options, customized to your unique needs. Stay connected, no matter where you roam!

Unrivaled Surveillance

Be the vigilante of your network. NetX’s relentless surveillance crushes potential issues before they dare to mess with your business. Stay ahead, stay unstoppable!

Seamless API Integration

Break barriers, break free! NetX’s seamless API integration empowers your network with unmatched efficiency and speed. The competition won’t know what hit them.

Advanced Security Measures

Protect what matters the most. NetX stands strong against cyber threats, guarding your valuable data with advanced security measures. Safety is non-negotiable!

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